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A Look Ahead at Steep Slope Logging in 2017

January/February 2017

Industry experts discuss the future of steep slope logging. Read more…

Decommissioning of SR 520 Floating Bridge on Schedule

Construction Equipment Guide
January 23, 2017

Since its opening in 1963, the state Route 520 Bridge provided Seattle and Eastside residents a shortcut across Lake Washington. By the 1990s, its 1950’s design couldn’t accommodate the increased number of vehicles crossing the lake, resulting in lengthy backups during rush hour. Discussion to replace the bridge began in 1997, and after nearly a decade of project designs and permit reviews, work commenced on a new SR 520 Bridge in August 2011. With the new bridge open to traffic in April 2016, decommissioning the old floating bridge is now under way. Read more…

Trusted Advisor: British Cider Expert Peter Mitchell on North American Cider

Volume 7

Before there was a cider revival, when those who imbibed the beverage were few, the first formal cidermaking course taught by cider expert Peter Mitchell was offered at Washington State University’s (WSU) Mount Vernon Research and Extension Center. Read more…

The Idiosyncrasies of Streams: Local Variability Mitigates Vulnerability of Trout to Changing Conditions

U.S. Forest Service Pacific Northwest Research Station Science Findings
November 2016

Land use and climate change are two key factors with the potential to affect stream conditions and fish habitat. Since the 1950s, Washington and Oregon have required forest practices designed to mitigate the effects of timber harvest on streams and fish. Yet questions remain about the extent to which these practices are effective. Add in the effects of climate change—lower summer flow and warmer water temperatures in some streams— and more questions arise. Read more…

New HQ for Idaho State Police’s District 5 Under Way

Construction Equipment Guide
October 26, 2016

The Idaho State Police’s District 5 is one of two districts that doesn’t have all its divisions combined into one facility, but not for long. Construction of a new 23,300 sq. ft. (2,165 sq m) facility in Pocatello, Idaho, is under way, and following its grand opening in May 2017, the district will be able to deliver improved service to the public and foster a more cohesive team environment for its staff. Read more…

Homegrown Success

September/October 2016

RCD Timber is a young company succeeding in a competitive market. Read more…

Solvay’s Longview Expansion Nears October Completion

Construction Equipment Guide
September 28, 2016

The pulp and paper industry may be traditionally associated with the production of pulp from wood for use in newsprint and other paper products, but there is an emerging pulp market that Solvay Chemicals is looking to capitalize on, and it’s the reason behind their $22-million expansion of their hydrogen peroxide production plant in Longview, Wash. Read more…

I-5 Improvements Ease Congestion

Construction Equipment Guide
September 2, 2016

Since the I-5 Madigan Access Improvement project’s start in October 2015, drivers traveling the stretch of I-5 alongside Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM) had to contend with nighttime lane closures while users of Berkeley Street had to navigate construction on the southbound off-ramp and across the Freedom Bridge. With the construction finally completed in early July, drivers now have a safer southbound commute and are experiencing improved eastbound traffic flow into the Madigan Army Medical Center. Read more…

Broadway Bridge Replacement Under Way in Boise

Construction Equipment Guide
May 16, 2016

Broadway Avenue is billed as the gateway into Boise, and this gateway is receiving a makeover with the construction of a new Broadway Bridge that is slated to open later this fall. Since fall 2012, the Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) has shepherded this $20.2 million-dollar project through its design and environmental review phases, and earlier this year, construction finally began. Read more…

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