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Father and Son Carry on Family Tradition

September/October 2017

Being a crew of two means father-son team J.D and J.R. Boehme find themselves switching between equipment and tasks while on a job site, but that suits them just fine.
In fact, a two-man team is keeping with the tradition that began nearly 40 years ago when J.D.’s father, Don, started Boehme and Son Logging Inc. Their motto is Keep it small and keep it in the family. Read more…

A Furrow Horse for the Community

Acres U.S.A.
March 2016

Washington couple trades their tractor for draft horses and finds a new appreciation for an old way of farming. Read more…

Small-Scale Success: Rocky Run Farm Profile

Acres U.S.A.
April 2015

Pat Hendrickson is one of a few producers in Washington State selling Grade A raw goat’s milk, and over the years the Rocky Run herd name has become well-known with many animals sold around the United States and abroad. Read more…

Creative Farming in the City: CityGrown Seattle

Acres U.S.A.
January 2015

From strips of land directly next to farm stands to backyard gardens, CityGrown Seattle takes local growing to the next level.
Read more…

Holding Fast to Their Vision: Lindner Bison

Acres U.S.A.
November 2014

Kathy and Ken Lindner pursue their dream of changing California’s foodscape by providing healthy, sustainably produced bison. Read more…

New Ways with Wool: U.S. Wool Industry Future Tied to Organics

Acres U.S.A.
September 2014

With the help of organic and sustainable sheep farmers, Woolgatherer Carding Mill and Holy Lamb Organics are helping create the markets to revitalize the U.S. wool industry. Read more…

Coming Full Circle

Acres U.S.A.
May 2014

Full Circle joins forces with other growers to provide far-reaching services for those seeking organic produce. Read more…

Fed this Way Non-GMO Certified Feed Company Making Gains

Acres U.S.A.
September 2013

Being a connective is what defines Scratch and Peck Feeds. Farmers, consumers, retailers and employees are brought together by a shared vision: a sustainable non-GMO, non-soy feed product has a place in the market. Read more…

Sustainable Ranching – Conservation Program Protects Prairie

Acres U.S.A.
June 2013

Fred and Katherine Colvin are the first ranchers in Washington State to participate in the NRCS Grassland Reserve Program, and they believe conservation and ranching can successfully coexist.
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