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MassDOT Pilots Intelligent Compaction on Methuen Reconstruction Project

Construction Equipment Guide
June 22, 2017

The new partial cloverleaf interchange at Exit 46 off I-93 in Methuen, Mass., is taking shape with the recent completion of the southbound off-ramp onto Route 110/113 and construction under way on the northbound off-ramp to westbound Route 110/113. With the four-year project now in its final year, the reconstruction is already proving its worth with traffic now flowing smoother through the area. Read more…


There’s carbon in them thar hills: But how much? Could Pacific Northwest forests store more?

U.S. Forest Service Pacific Northwest Research Station Science Findings
April 2017

As a signatory to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, the United States annually compiles a report on the nation’s carbon flux—the amount of carbon emitted into the atmosphere compared to the amount stored by terrestrial landscapes. Forests store vast amounts of carbon, but it’s not fully understood how a forest’s storage capacity fluctuates as stands age or respond to disturbance. Read more…

All Fermentables Welcome at Urban Farm Fermentory

Volume 7

The foundation of every alcoholic beverage is fermentation. At Urban Farm Fermentory (UFF), located in Portland, Maine, co-founder Eli Cayer and his team brew fermented beverages beyond the traditional cider, beer and mead. CIDERCRAFT caught up with Cayer to learn about his approach to fermentation and his love of experimentation. Read more…

Elliot Bay Seawall Project Nearing Completion

Construction Equipment Guide
March 20, 2017

After nearly three years of traffic and pedestrian detours throughout the city of Seattle’s historic waterfront, the Elliot Bay Seawall Project is nearing its anticipated completion in spring 2017. The project is a complete replacement from Yesler Way to Pine Street of the seawall’s early 20th-century design of old-growth timber beams that had protected the shoreline from the Puget Sound for nearly 70 years. Read more…

A Look Ahead at Steep Slope Logging in 2017

January/February 2017

Industry experts discuss the future of steep slope logging. Read more…

Decommissioning of SR 520 Floating Bridge on Schedule

Construction Equipment Guide
January 23, 2017

Since its opening in 1963, the state Route 520 Bridge provided Seattle and Eastside residents a shortcut across Lake Washington. By the 1990s, its 1950’s design couldn’t accommodate the increased number of vehicles crossing the lake, resulting in lengthy backups during rush hour. Discussion to replace the bridge began in 1997, and after nearly a decade of project designs and permit reviews, work commenced on a new SR 520 Bridge in August 2011. With the new bridge open to traffic in April 2016, decommissioning the old floating bridge is now under way. Read more…

Trusted Advisor: British Cider Expert Peter Mitchell on North American Cider

Volume 6

Before there was a cider revival, when those who imbibed the beverage were few, the first formal cidermaking course taught by cider expert Peter Mitchell was offered at Washington State University’s (WSU) Mount Vernon Research and Extension Center. Read more…

The Idiosyncrasies of Streams: Local Variability Mitigates Vulnerability of Trout to Changing Conditions

U.S. Forest Service Pacific Northwest Research Station Science Findings
November 2016

Land use and climate change are two key factors with the potential to affect stream conditions and fish habitat. Since the 1950s, Washington and Oregon have required forest practices designed to mitigate the effects of timber harvest on streams and fish. Yet questions remain about the extent to which these practices are effective. Add in the effects of climate change—lower summer flow and warmer water temperatures in some streams— and more questions arise. Read more…

New HQ for Idaho State Police’s District 5 Under Way

Construction Equipment Guide
October 26, 2016

The Idaho State Police’s District 5 is one of two districts that doesn’t have all its divisions combined into one facility, but not for long. Construction of a new 23,300 sq. ft. (2,165 sq m) facility in Pocatello, Idaho, is under way, and following its grand opening in May 2017, the district will be able to deliver improved service to the public and foster a more cohesive team environment for its staff. Read more…

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