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Animal Shelters

Purple Heart Rescue – and its Three R Mission

Not every abandoned dog that is rescued is ready for adoption. Abuse, neglect, or malnutrition affects a dog’s emotional health, and in these cases, rehabilitation is needed to prepare the dog for a new home. As its mission implies –rescue, rehab, and rehome – Purple Heart Rescue provides this specialized care, “because there is such a need in this area,” said Deb Harp, one of the organizations founders. Read more …

The Lewis County Animal Shelter: Operating on Dedication and Donation

Persevering with so little should be the motto of the Lewis County Animal Shelter. Open six days a week and staffed by only four women, two of who are part-time employees, this is the only shelter serving a geographic area larger than King County. Though the county provides funds for building operations and salaries, everything else that is necessary to run the shelter – pet food, money for medical procedures, office supplies and even toilet paper – is provided for through donations. And to make the work more daunting, we “have to take [every stray], no matter what,” said Amy Hanson, manager of the Lewis County Animal Shelter. Read more …

Where Else Will They Turn? Kitten Rescue of Mason County

Pet Connection Magazine
March/April 2013

“The only thing that keeps me going is there is no other resource.” Wearing a name tag identifying her as Granny Kat, Norma Webber is the reason that abandoned felines in Mason County have a second chance at finding a home. Since 1999, Kitten Rescue in Shelton is the place where residents turn to for help when finding a stray kitten or seeking financial assistance for spay/neuter or medical care. Deedre, a volunteer of four years describes Kitten Rescue as, “Cat Heaven – where kittens and cats find forever homes.” Read more…

Adopt-A-Pet: Still Finding Homes After All These Years

Pet Connection Magazine
September/October 2012

Even if the unexpected arrival of three pregnant dogs, bearing no collars or microchips, causes volunteers to scramble to find foster homes and prepare for the inevitable puppies, it’s a good day at Adopt-A-Pet. It means three fewer strays in Mason County and their puppies will find homes instead of facing likely death. Read more…

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