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City Council

The Challenges of Active Forest Management in an Ecological Reserve

The Forestry Source
September 2013

When your Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP) requires an accelerated development of a second-growth forest into a late-successional forest, that’s a tall order to carry out especially when there isn’t an established silvilculture prescription to create such a forest structure. And when your prescriptions call for thinning in a landscape that is designated as an ecological reserve and your stakeholders – who include the state’s Sierra Club chapter, the City Council, the tribes, and the public – support your management strategy, you must be doing something right. Read more…

City of Montesano, Wash. Foresters Continue 80-Plus Years of Stewardship

The Forestry Source
March 2013

The City of Montesano’s city forest is an example how sustainable forestry benefits the community by providing recreational opportunities, protecting the environment, and providing revenue for the city. Read more…


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